6 Must-Haves For New Moms This Summer

The countdown to baby has dwindled to just a few weeks – if that. There may not be much left on the ‘To-Do’ list; the birth bag is ready, rocking chair is ready, and baby shower is over. It’s time to just sit back and float around the pool… But what happens once baby is born? There is a rather long transition period of adapting to motherhood, breastfeeding, and life in general! Your body is going to take time to heal, and having everything on hand to help it do so is crucial.  My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear has created a list of every postpartum must have, so be sure to set those things aside and have them ready! But it’s hot. And your new mom hormones are going to be flowing strong. I took the liberty of listing out my absolute top postpartum needs for the summer.   Parent holds a sleeping baby outdoors. Baby wears a sun hat for protection. Smooth green background.   Padsicles: These frozen pads are a dream come true during any season of birth, but especially summer! Your labia and anus will be craving them for weeks after birth. They help with swelling and soreness – and they just feel GOOD. Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, essential oils, and other goodies are mixed together on an overnight pad and frozen. Is your bottom excited yet? Filtering Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is tough in the heat, but it is a necessity to keep your milk supply up! Instead of carrying around a million water bottles, or relying on water fountains, ensure that you are getting filtered water by investing in a water bottle that filters out the bacteria, parasites, and chemicals often found in tap water. Summer ‘In-Between’ Clothing: You aren’t going to be jumping back into your bikini the first few weeks, and that is perfectly okay! You should grab a few items that will tide you over in between the maternity clothes and the pre-baby clothes. You’ll want light-weight clothes that are easy to breastfeed in. I wouldn’t drop too much money on them because they’ll get poop and spit-up on them too. A Baby Carrier: I cannot stress this enough…. GET A COMFORTABLE BABY CARRIER. My personal favorite is a breathable ring sling. Wearing baby helps regulate baby’s body temperature and just keeps everyone happy! Herbal Sitz Baths: When it’s hot outside, but you can’t jump in the pool yet, a lukewarm bath can do the trick. Filling the tub with herbs and salts can help the body heal after birth, not to mention the oils are incredibly relaxing. You can bring baby in the tub with you, or you can enjoy 20 minutes to yourself. A Margarita: I’m not joking. You can have a virgin version if you’d like. You can have any summer-inspired drink that you’d like. But you deserve to celebrate motherhood with a cheers and a taste of something you haven’t had in about 9 months! CHEERS Mama!   calendar24    
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