Best Excuses For Declining a Drink While Newly Pregnant

You have a positive pregnancy test in one hand and an invitation to a holiday party in the other. Maybe you are just planning on a fun dinner with friends to celebrate the season, or you have a work event in which close co-workers will be offering you adult beverages.  If you are normally one to accept and enjoy a glass of wine, but you just found out you are pregnant, this may cause for a stressful situation.  Not drinking will tip everyone off and start raising eyebrows, so you need a great excuse. I’m a total hippie, and will just sip on a real glass of wine all night when in the early stages of pregnancy, but I completely understand if you are a zero-alcohol mama.  I don’t judge.  (Just don’t judge my full glass of wine at week 32.)  If you are not ready to share your exciting news with the world, you will need to distract others from the obvious – whether it be a ‘Slight-of-Hand’ trick or a ridiculous lie.  I have two August babies, one November, and one March baby.  That means that I have been pregnant throughout the holiday season 3 times.  Two of those times I was too early to tell anyone outside of our immediate loop of loved ones.  If you know me in real life, then you know that I love wine. I looooooove  wine.  While I did sip a glass of wine to try to hide my news, I still needed to explain myself. File May 21, 1 50 14 PM I may not be pregnant this holiday season, but I know plenty of you reading this are – so I would love to share all of the best ways to hide your early pregnancy news without drinking that delicious sanity-saving nectar: 1.       Order a beer and immediately head to the bathroom. You can dump the booze and refill with water that can be sipped on without guilt. 2.       Let your partner drink your beverage.  Every so often let your partner take a large ‘taste’ of your drink.  No one needs to know that he is chugging the entire contents. 3.       Tell everyone you lost a bet with your partner and had to not drink tonight.  You will need you partner’s support on this one! 4.       You claim to have jumped on the ‘Whole30’ wagon.  You are bettering your body by detoxing. 5.       Perhaps a medication can be to blame?  Allergy medicines, antibiotics, and other common meds are not effective in mixed with alcohol. A simple, “I’m finishing a round of antibiotics and can’t drink for another day” will work. 6.       Play the DD (Designated Driver) card.  This one works great if the party is being hosted by your partner’s friends or work. 7.        Blame your belly.  If you tell someone that your stomach has been ‘off’ all day, they’ll understand. 8.       Claim a horrid hangover.  You can lie and tell people that you had a large evening the night before and today has not done you well. 9.       Order a virgin drink without anyone hearing and don’t say a word to anyone. 10.   Without lying, but not exactly telling the truth, you can say that you are trying to conceive and staying away from alcohol for the next few weeks.   Close up of wine, martini and champagne glasses against beautiful bokeh. No matter what excuse you choose, stick with it – and make sure your partner is there as a good wingman.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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