Last Holiday Together Before There is a Baby

Whether you are about to pop, or you are newly pregnant, this may be your last holiday season before you welcome a baby into your family.  While you are busy counting down the days and being excited over the tiny bundle of cuteness that will be arriving, there is a big picture to look at.  It is so hard not to set the remote on fast forward; talk only about pregnancy and baby-related topics, but there is still time to create memories before your lives change. We are in our 10th year of marriage and have four beautiful little ones running around.  Our life is silly, messy, full of random traditions and crazy moments.  Before there were children, there was just myself and my husband.  I cooked fancier meals, made smaller portions, drank better wine, bought nicer shoes, and saved more money. Life changes (for the better, of course) when you start having children, but that doesn’t mean that you forget your childless life.  Those memories stay with you too. I found out I was pregnant with our first in December of 2008.  We were so excited, but also wanted to make as many “married without children” memories as possible before she was born. I have taught natural childbirth classes over the last 6 years and always focus a bit of time on this topic. My couples have shared with me so many wonderful ideas of how to make the last holiday season before a baby special, and in combination with my husband and I’s ideas, I’ve created a pretty great list for you! File May 21, 1 50 14 PM

Top 10 Things To Do During Your Last Baby-free Holiday Season.

  1. Go to the midnight service of a local church to celebrate Christmas. It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or not, there is just something magical that happens when everyone lights a candle and sings “Silent Night.”
  2. Watch a tree lighting. It can be a famous tree lighting, or a small town version.  You may not choose to be present for the actual lighting, but instead visit for a late night stroll under the lights.  Hold hands and sip hot cocoa as you enjoy the merriness of the season.
  3. Have a holiday party at your house. Invite all of your friends, collect car keys, wear ugly sweaters, serve adult beverages, play ridiculous adult-humor gift exchange games, and call uber to get your friends home safely at the end of the night.
  4. Buy each other something non-baby related.
  5. Go to the ballet. There is a Nutcracker performing somewhere.  Take the chance to get dressed up and appreciate the arts.
  6. Do something ridiculous like see two movies back to back in the theater.
  7. Travel and don’t call it a babymoon. Visit family far away, head to a resort, or go camping if it is warm enough.  A destination gives you something to talk about and plan together.
  8. Get a couple’s massage.
  9. Make reservations for a fancy no-children-type restaurant. Spend the day having your nails done and getting dressed up while your partner chooses an activity for himself, and then meet up and dine at a 5-star location and talk about life – not baby.
  10. Sleep in on Christmas morning. It sounds absurd, but trust me – you Christmas mornings will start earlier and earlier each year!
Feet in wool socks warming by cozy fire What plans do you have to make your last holiday season special before your baby arrives?
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