Halloween Candy Wine Pairings

Halloween Candy Wine Pairings

Trick or Treat?

Treat! ALWAYS, Treat. Halloween is the beginning of the downward spiral of treat eating through the end of the year. I mean, why else would we need new year's resolutions if we didn't fall off the wagon from October 31 - December 31st every year? Instead of pretending this doesn't happen to you, let's raise our glasses and cheers to the change of seasons, and changes in dessert consumptions.

I'm just going to throw this out there: Wine Pairings for Halloween Candy.

You know you are eating it -- and drinking it. Why not up the ante and pair accordingly? (Or don't and just be a normal parent who binge eats the candy when kids are in bed... it's up to you.) Wine experts have created the following chart for you to print and keep with you as you are shopping through your neighborhood wine store. This way, you can also pick up a few extra candies to refill your child's stash so they won't know you are late night taste testing and wine sipping.


My notes... as a mother of five, NOT as a certified wine expert. (Although, I do consume quite a bit, I am not a professional.

I repeat: I am NOT a wine expert. Yes, I am writing as I am consuming the said vinos. Whatever, the kids are all in bed.) I cannot even pronounce some of those, and when I tried to pronounce them at the 'fancy' wine store, I was basically chuckled at by the wine man. I almost grabbed my go-to chardonnay and ran away, but then one of my kids knocked something over. I decided I should let the man fill my cart with deliciousness. I feel like I would make a wonderful real-life wine expert after all of this tasting...

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