Heartache and Happiness: A Surprised Widow

Heartache and Happiness: A Surprised Widow

A dad and Navy corpsman, Brian Hill passed away leaving a devastated family behind.  He was involved in a traffic accident and sadly passed away.  While this news is life-shattering to those who loved and depended on Brian, there is another reason his story is making headlines. Brian's wife, Courtney, explained that she and her husband were trying to conceive another child the months prior to the accident in Oklahoma. The morning of Brian's wake, Courtney took a pregnancy test.  She was able to hold his hand and tell him the wonderful news before she kissed him goodbye forever. With the stress of her husband's death, motherhood, and life in general, there is no surprise to learn that within a few weeks of Brian's passing, Courtney experienced trouble with the pregnancy.  She feared the worst, but experienced something unimaginable as she was examined at the hospital.  Courtney's pregnancy was healthy, but more than that, she learned she was not carrying one, not two, but three tiny heartbeats within her womb! After digesting the news, Courtney told news stations, "I'm excited to have three more smiles to remind me of him." Three tiny heartbeats are growing strong.  With the love and support of her family, Courtney will hopefully carry all three babies to term and enjoy their smiles every day of her life. We, at My Baby's Heartbeat Bear, wish for a peaceful, uneventful pregnancy for Courtney.  We hope that Brian's love can be felt throughout this journey, and that she is surrounded and lifted by the strength and love of those around her.

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