Labor, Birth, Social Media, and the Lighting of a Candle

Oversharing is the way of the internet. We know what was made for breakfast, who's home sick, where everyone is right now, and when someone is having their baby. Maybe it's not 'over' sharing, as much as the new way of communicating. We survive on social media. We feel we have a place, a purpose, and support from people we may or may not actually know in real life. No matter your take on all of it, social media isn't going anywhere, and will only become a stronger presence in the future. The best way to embrace it all is to find your support circle and feel connected. I absolutely love seeing everyone's pictures as I scroll through my wall. It brightens my day, lifts my spirits and allows me to feel tied to these people. Watching a friend -- a real life one or a social media one -- go through pregnancy is exciting! Watching for belly bump pictures and seeing the tiny, squishy baby; it's enough to spread baby fever through the wifi! But other than 'liking' or 'loving' a picture or post, how can you show your support? Especially when a friend announces she's in labor? Simple, you share a picture of a lit candle for her.

Why Light a Candle for Labor?

Labor candles have been around for centuries. It is a way for loved ones to feel a part of the experience, send positive thoughts and wishes to the birthing mother, and let the mother know she is being supported from near and far.

It is a sign of love, a sign of hope, and a true sign of support. candle1 You light a candle when you know she is in labor, and you keep it lit until the safe arrival of her baby happens. Over the hours it is lit, you will be reminded to appreciate life, friendship, your friend's abilities, your own family, and the peace that birth brings. Sharing a picture of your candle can trigger a chain reaction for others to light candles in support as well. And we all know just how amazing support is in numbers. Positive energy and thoughts are magical; they can be felt from across the globe. candle If you are pregnant, share this idea with your family and friends. You can even hand out candles at your baby shower with instructions on how they should be used. Any color, any scent, any style candle will work. Even the flameless ones will due! It is the act of taking the time to light it (or turn it on) that's important. Once baby arrives, you can share a picture of your candle blown out. It can tell everyone that their labor love and support was felt and that you and baby are healthy!
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