Winter Maternity Must Haves

Your internal thermostat may be craving the cooler weather, but dressing for the winter with a pregnant belly can be tricky.  Winter can be brutal on the skin, the immune system, the scale, and the power bill – add in a pregnancy and BAM – you may start to dread the snow. Bring on all of the seasonal deliciousness: apple pie, turkey, cinnamon rolls hot from the oven. But be careful not to over-indulge.  Excess weight is hard to shed after having a baby!  (Let’s make this clear: EAT ALL THE YUMMINESS, just moderate the eating!)  Pregnancy has a way of messing with your hormones.  You may be over heating one minute and shivering the next. Winter may just throw your body a huge curve ball.  Remember to always dress in layers, drink ample amounts of water, and rest whenever possible. File May 21, 1 50 14 PM

 Winter Maternity Must-Haves

Tea:  Avoid over-processed, sugar-filled versions of tea.  Find a high-quality tea and enjoy every last hot drop of it.  In fact, have another cup.  Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, 3rd Trimester Tea, Green Tea, or whatever you choose, ENJOY IT.  Let it warm you from the inside out.   winter7 Vitamin D:  Everyone’s VitD levels are lower than they should be these days.  Ask your doctor to check your levels so that you can supplement accordingly.  Vitamin D is linked to so many things, you really do not want to skip out on it.  Try to get outside whenever possible because natural sunlight does the body good, but even still, a supplement is most likely needed. Prenatal Vitamin:  Again, I’ll harp on quality.  Have you read my article on prenatal supplements? Go, read it. I’ll wait….    Ok. Now you know why quality matters. Take that sucker Heated Blanket (DO NOT SLEEP WITH IT):  A little bit of warm heaven on your couch. I’m not saying you should wrap yourself in 110 degrees of melting blanket.  I mean, do not COOK your baby.  But warm yourself and feel comfortable! Bath Salts: Baths are amazing – and warm.  Grab your tea, some bath salts, a book, and relax.  Stress can do harm while pregnant, so soak it all away. Pregnant women by the window and looking through it while sipping some hot tea Comfortable Slippers: Keep those toes warm! Maternity Pillow: Keep warm while snuggling a gigantic, body-forming pillow. Maternity Pictures: There is something so pristine about winter maternity photos. Do not skip out on them.   Netflix/Amazon: You need to have something you can just click and watch while you lie on the couch and watch the snow from your window. A Gym Membership.  It is so easy to blame the temperature for not getting in your daily exercise.  Take the time to find a gym or other workout facility (yoga studio, for example)   Pregnant woman meditating at home near beautiful decorated Christmas tree, sitting in lotus pose with closed eyes, body care and inner peace

Maternity Clothes

It’s hard not to purchase an entire winter wardrobe, but remember that maternity clothes typically do not hang right when you are not pregnant.  So shop wise.    winter8


  • Jeans:  You will need to invest in a maternity version, probably 2-3 pairs depending on how often you wear jeans. Get at least one pair that make you feel awesome. Let them hug your curves.
  • Leggings: YOUR BEST FRIEND. Leggings are STILL in style (who would have thought?), and they are oh so comfortable. You can sleep in them, workout in them, and shop in them. You don’t need the maternity version with the large pull-over maternity panel, unless you want it – then go for it.
  • Long Sleeve Shirts/Light Sweaters: Don’t overthink or over spend in this area.
  • Tunic/Sweater Dress: Find pieces you will be able to possibly wear after baby too.
  • A Coat: It needs to fit your belly and work to cover you when baby wearing.


  • Vest (It doesn’t have to zip)
  • Long Cardigans/Open Sweaters
  • Scarves
  • Boots


  • Faux-Leather Leggings: Because why not?  You need to feel gorgeous.
  • Amazing knee high boot socks (or sleep socks, whatever)
  • New Boots.... because boots.
Winter can be cold and depressing, don't let your growing belly and shrinking clothes make you feel blah!  Cheer your pregnant self up with some fun pieces!                 [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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