Mantras for Motherhood

Sometimes we just have to laugh our way through this journey of motherhood. If we take ourselves too seriously, we may not come out alive.

Everyone is doing the best that they can. No mother is perfect, no side is greener, and no one has their shit together. If you truly do, then please don’t pretend to be my friend.

During this season of life, that’ll be 5 babies 8 years and under for me, I have decided to let it all go and succumb to paper plates, camping vacations (who can afford a resort at this stage of life??), breakfast for dinner, 5 extra pounds, and amazing memories being made. Isn’t it wonderful when you finally make peace with it all? Let go of judgement and falsehoods… stop chasing those Jones’ and survive this whole life in the way you are meant to.

To all my mom friends out there, take note. These 15 mantras can be utilized whenever needed. It’s also ok to walk outside, breathe in sunshine and fresh air and ignore the 7 loads of laundry behind that laundry room door. Pour a glass of wine and repeat after me:

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