Pregnancy Hack #1: Belly Wrapping

Why has it taken me until now to learn about this? Belly wrapping is not new, but yet somehow most of our culture has not heard of it. Belly binding is a great hack for the postpartum period, but what about during pregnancy? Yep! wrapping the pregnant belly is AMAZING. In Japan, women wrap their bellies beginning around 7 months along up until birth, as they believe it promotes a speedier birth as well as alleviating pains. Many other cultures also practice binding the belly throughout pregnancy! I am nearing the end of my fifth pregnancy, and besides being exhausted, my body HURTS! This baby is sunny-side up, causing intense aches, and he or she is so low that my pubic bone feels as though it may just detach at any moment. *Insert Belly Wrapping Here* If you understand my pains or would just like to completely avoid them, it's time you learn about prenatal belly binding. The Belly Wrapping Claims: Belly wrapping while pregnant helps to relieve the stress and weight of the growing uterus on the pelvis. It encourages proper body posture and a balanced uterus, which promotes a great environment for baby to find the easiest and most comfortable birthing position. It is great for all pregnant women, but especially those:
  • With a shorter torso
  • Who have weakened abdominal muscles due to previous pregnancies
  • Who have had a c-section
  • Who are (or have been) pregnant with multiples
  • Who suffer from pelvic pains and problems (SPD)
  • Who have a baby in a problematic position, such as breech or transverse
There is an optimum angle in which the belly should be positioned at to prevent postpartum problems, such as a separation of the abdominal muscles. Learn more about this HERE. If you notice that your belly is beginning to angle away from your body, you should start wrapping immediately! How to Wrap Your Belly: Using a woven fabric or a ring sling, wrap the hips and abdomen tightly. You don't want to tighten it so much that your breathing changes, but you want to feel relief. There are many ways in which you can wrap yourself, so play around with it until you find your favorite!
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