Top 11 Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Top 11 Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

A Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement is so much fun!  There is no other holiday that is based around giving thanks – and what more is there to be thankful for than a growing family? 

Keeping this secret is so hard, but waiting until the holiday can be worth biting your tongue for another week or so. >Most of the following items can be found on – but you can try making them yourself if you are ultra crafty! 

The 11 Best Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy On Thanksgiving

#1 My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear  

Record your baby’s heartbeat in an adorable animal and have it be part of the holiday decorations.  If someone asks about it, tell them it’s filling in for the special addition that will be joining the table next year!  If no one picks it up, grab it during dessert and tell everyone that although the pie is sweet, the sound they are about to hear is even sweeter!




#2 Chalkboard Signs

These are all the rage right now.  You can plan your menu out on one and have a second one set next to it announcing your pregnancy!




#3 Extra place setting with a name card that says “Next Year’s Guest”

You can come up with any name, nickname, or cute saying for the card, whether you know the gender or not.  You can also use a little poem like this:

“Pink or blue, we haven’t a clue.

But we know we are thankful for you!”


#4 During the Blessing

Even if you are not giving the blessing this year, feel free to chime in at the end.  Tell everyone how special it is to be together and that you are over the moon excited to share your news!

#5 Bun in the Oven

While this can seem a bit cheesy, the absolute best way to pull it off is on Thanksgiving of Christmas when there is so much baking taking place.  You can ‘suddenly remember’ that something was left in the oven and ask someone to go grab it out.  When they open the oven and find a single bun (cinnamon roll or dinner roll), they may not fully understand, but they’ll certainly ask “Why is there a bun in the oven?” At this point, you can just start laughing and repeat, “There is a bun in the oven!”

#6 Have Everyone Write Down What They Are Thankful For 

Have a pen and note card next to everyone’s place setting and ask them to jot down a single thing they are thankful for.  Collect everyone’s card and shuffle them up. You can ask the oldest family member to read them (or the youngest reader) and have guests guess whose card is whose.  Make sure that you include your own card with a note with your pregnancy announcement!   You can be straight forward, give clues, or have something funny on the card; it all depends on just how formal your Thanksgiving is.   

#7 Wine Bottle

Ask someone else to open a bottle of wine that has a special label on it. You can use an announcement sticker label right over top of the label on the bottle already.  Make sure that you do not have a wine glass in front of you, so if anyone isn’t sure who’s expecting, it will be clear that you are the one not up for wine!





# 8 Dress Up a Big Sibling

There are dozens of cute shirt options out there for big siblings to announce a new addition to the family. (Hello Pinterest!) You can even have your toddler say the blessing and announce the news to everyone. turkey10 turkey16

#9 Ultrasound Picture

Hang an ultrasound picture on the refrigerator and ask someone to retrieve something for you.  Clear off anything else that may camouflage the picture.  You are sure to hear shrieking from the dining room.  

#10 Traveling

If you are traveling (and not cooking or prepping anything), you can make a comment at the table asking if the hosts wouldn’t mind setting up a children’s table next year… or ‘Do you think __ months is too young for a baby to travel here for Thanksgiving next year?”  

#11 T-Shirt For Mom

Wear a shirt that says “The turkey is not the only thing stuffed this Thanksgiving!” (hahahahha) Just kidding – or not – it depends on your sense of humor!  Here are a few other great shirt ideas: turkeyturkey6turkey13 turkey14   And just in case you are having holiday photos taken.... turkey15[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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