Shark Moms: Land v Sea

Shark Moms: Land v Sea


Sharks don’t exactly embody the essence of a gentle and loving parent. They aren’t really the ideal role model either; however, sharks are amazing. It’s no wonder so many people are obsessed with Shark Week each year. We get to see the animals and learn the newest information about them.

It can be fun to look at how other animals live their lives. One of the most fascinating aspects of life is always parenthood, so diving into the deep blue sea to capture a shark’s perspective on becoming a mother may teach us a thing or two! (Or not…)



Can you imagine being pregnant with 15 (or more) offspring? That’s common for sharks… so is carrying their babies for 18 months before giving birth. (Maybe this is why sharks come off as a bit cranky?) If you look at the ultrasound, you can see just how crowded that uterus is! Perhaps the long gestation is one reason that sharks abandon their babies at birth?

You read that right, they find the ‘perfect’ (meaning extremely safe) place to give birth, and the shark then leaves her babies to find their own way in the deep blue. While that parenting style is highly frowned upon on land, we humans are still addicted to watching or adventuring with the great creatures.

I definitely recommend never abandoning your child like sharks do – BUT, dressing them up as a shark will score you super cool mom points.  






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