The Best Mothers Day Gift for Anyone Expecting

The Best Mothers Day Gift for Anyone Expecting

The pregnancy glow, the swollen belly, the countdown to counting tiny toes...  Pregnancy is an amazing time.  Even if the glow isn't exactly present, and the ankles are swollen as much as the belly is, there is still something amazing happening:  A baby is growing. It is more than just a growing baby; a baby is actually being created, developing within the womb.  Through all pregnancy ailments, there is no way to not look at this time as anything but miraculous. 13115622_10209366228974031_346911396_n

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a hard holiday to celebrate when you are still carrying your baby inside of you.  There isn't a handprint card or a messy kitchen in which children prepared breakfast for you.  Some couples decide to not celebrate until after the baby is born.  But I'm writing to change your mind.

CELEBRATE! Love the tiny heartbeat that you are carrying within you.

Last Mother's Day I experienced the ultimate heartache, a miscarriage.  The emotions were a rollercoaster of pain and misunderstanding.  I couldn't believe that it was happening on the day I was celebrating becoming a mother.  We have since given birth to our fourth beautiful baby, but our lost angel will never be forgotten.

I'm telling you this so that you understand that a life is a life no matter how small.  A mother is born when the heartbeat is born.  Her instincts become maternal; she holds life within her.  She is a mother


The Perfect Gift

A card/letter written about the transition occurring.  Your partner gets to see you become a mother.  Maybe the letter includes future hopes.  Maybe it includes past experiences.  Or maybe it is simply a love note declaring your beauty and explaining just how much love he has watching you grow a baby the two of you have created.

Instead of jewelry, a fancy meal, or flowers, give the expecting mother something that she will treasure forever:

A recording of the baby's heartbeat.  The tiny sound that will soon consume your lives and fill you with more love than you can ever know.

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear has the softest, most adorable stuffed animals that easily record the heartbeat and store it for a lifetime.  Even sweeter?  Order an extra recording heart to save a message from you about how excited you are to meet this baby.

Bring the heartbeat animal with you to your next appointment and record the heartbeat from the Doppler!


*If you have a recording from a child who was taken too early, the heart can record anything - even from a video, a voicemail, or laugh saved to your phone.  Please take the opportunity to save it forever. A heartbeat animal will be something you can have on display, or pull out each Mother's Day to bring a smile to you in remembrance of the life you grew and will always cherish.

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Reviews:

Appearance on the TODAY Show For an expectant mom or dad, the sound of a heartbeat is beyond miraculous. I was about to write especially the first time but then I realized this moment really never loses that extraordinary shimmer. The sound of the heartbeat is always miraculous. So why not mark the moment? Why not preserve each one?

Mail4Rosey  Love at First Sound.  My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Captures Milestone Pregnancy Moment

Notb4Coffee  These bears make a timeless, treasured gift for any parent or grandparent-to-be.

ThingsThatMakePeopleGoAww  There is nothing more precious to an expectant mother than the sound of her baby's heartbeat. ALuckyLadyBug  My Baby's Heartbeat Bear provides everything you need to capture the sound of your baby's heartbeat and create a keepsake that will be cherished forever. SandiegoFamily  The perfect gift for any expecting mother. TwoClassyChics My precious little grandson is already here…we simply turned up the volume on my daughter’s smartphone and recorded the baby’s heartbeat directly from that. It worked out perfectly for us Born2Impress I wish I knew such a product existed when I was pregnant. BlessTheirHeartsMom The red stands for love, the strongest you'll feel. The green is some luck, now that it's real. The middle is the craziness, we embrace as the norm. This tiny heart reminds us, a baby will be born! TheSimpleMoms A beautiful memory that will last for more than 40 weeks. KellysThoughtsOnThings This is so much more than just any old bear. Mom-Spot Love at First Sound! This captures milestone pregnancy moment! ILikeItFrantic The best part is there are bunch of different animals to chose from! MomBlogSociety This would be the perfect baby shower gift! They have a animal for every nursery theme. MommiesWithStyle Soothing & adorable for baby to cuddle with too. MidgetMomma When it arrived she (my daughter) "had to tell everyone about it!" MacaroniKid I will never forget this day.  And thanks to My Baby's Heartbeat Bear, I, or we actually, have a permanent memory to treasure. MamasBabyCupcakes My friend's last moments of her son on any kind of machine is when they were in the hospital trying to save his life in utero. She asked her husband to put his phone up to the monitoring system to record his heartbeat and that is what they had to put on this keep sake. HaveSippyWillTravel I really enjoy going to the doctor and hearing the babies heartbeat, but never thought about a way to have that forever. AkronOhioMoms One small heart, one big beat. 13148472_10209366217893754_1775976678_o
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