The Cuddle Cot: A Gift of Time

When losing a baby to still birth, there is nothing more precious than the time you are granted to hold your baby.  These are the only moments you will have to create a lifetime’s worth of memories.  But what if there was a way to have more time with your angel baby? Jillian and Michael McLeod of Scotland gave birth to their sleeping beautiful baby girl Lucy last month. The stillbirth occurred at 30 weeks and 6 days gestation, and the couple was completely devastated.  Their experience was unexpected, as all was well days before.  Jillian began feeling unwell and was rushed to the hospital where a fetal heartbeat could not be found. Lucy was delivered via c-section and the news of her passing was told to Michael as Jillian was recovering. Michael was able to hold Lucy as he digested the news. The couple then learned that they would have the ability to keep Lucy with them for days instead of hours thanks to a Cuddle Cot. A Cuddle Cot is a piece of medical equipment that acts like a refrigerated bassinet and allows babies to stay in the room with their parents so they do not need to be taken straight to the morgue.  In some countries, like Scotland, this device will even allow parents to bring their angel baby home before saying goodbye. Without a Cuddle Cot, if parents wish to see their baby after the initial birth, nurses retrieve the deceased newborn from the morgue and bring them to the parents for only a short period of time. A small body shows signs of decomposition faster than larger bodies, and within as little as one hour after death, a newborn’s body may begin to change.  A Cuddle Cot can be used under a swaddle blanket and keeps the body preserved for an extended period of time. As heartbreaking as it is to think about these situations, imagine just how much a Cuddle Cot would mean to a family losing a baby.  Within the United States, there are only 350 Cuddle Cots being used.  There is an initiative that exists to help increase this number: CuddleCotInitiative Take a few minutes to learn more about Cuddle Cots, how they work, and just how priceless they are to families.  Every hospital should have one available with the hopes of it not being needed, but knowing that it is needed – too often. Jillian and Michael are raising money to donate a Cuddle Cot to their hospital, and you can help them reach their goal on their JustGiving page at DONATE. If you would like to work on spreading the Cuddle Cot here in the United States, please consider donating or working with the above mention Cuddle Cot Initiative.
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